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Discover Death (2015)

by Magical Beautiful

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Burst Black 06:13
Heart boom beatin' at the smell of sweat Beading flesh reflects the red & blue of bursted black The woozy moon it chokes smoke The moon's chain to the lake broke The waves were wild, now they relax relax Tripping, reelin in the smoke-filled air Wonder why light's thunder calls a crowd of fleshy ghosts The panic in my vein chokes My heart's sense of the weight broke A kiss burns deep: my head can relax relax Rooftop stumblin in the summer air Married to the humbling of September's heir If this water had a salty heart Would the west coast have a broken heart? Its waves were reeling, now they relax relax We can't fall down if underground We reflect light, steal dark all right It's over now I can't say how Make room for foolish gold Death grips, slips on its mold Light burns all bright til black Bald head red heart attack
Enemy 04:03
I can see everything The sweat that drips from her and me The green, the lake, the sand, the falling leaves My skin, her skin, the breath exhaling from the trees Earth spins inside of me Gives itself so I can be free Our bodies working fused together rolling in the dirt My self floats free watching from the sky ... It's great - I swear, it's great I know you're scared, but just let go Let go, let go. Death it doesn't hurt. The sun is whispering: "Breath is failing, better tell her quick" So I return, unburnt, aglow with heaven's burst Her flesh heaves hot Glowing in the dirt Death huddles close to me I am his enemy Death can't do anything I am his enemy Bore down through the ground Burnt core drowns out the sound Of Death’s white horse, she’s lost her course The dirts my tomb, I’ve found my womb
The earth melts away The solar path It cannot stay Breathe in as I breathe out Our soul, our path It drifts away Cold blood, frozen skin The solar winds They’re here to stay Black: it closes in As I close out I cannot stay Death can’t runaway From me He cannot stay When I bleed coffin grey The lies unravel with the strands of time Come closer now Don’t cry I feel okay See how our solar path It spirals in and out of Heaven’s wrath
Husk 07:43
I don't wanna die / While you're still alive Gonna run from the light / Cloaked soul in the night Ghosts keep creepin' by / All sickly and white My skin melts hot My bones break loud My blood seeps through cracks in the atmosphere Words for all mankind / Stumble out of time Eons roll by / Earth's crust dusted fine My world infinite / I no longer pine My skin melts hot My bones break loud My blood seeps through cracks in the atmosphere My cast shadow Covers the earth Time's God he cowers & he quakes in Man's fear
Double Moon 04:15
If I close my eyes will he get here soon? Through the skin of my lids I see a double moon He comes closer every day that I shake I hope it’s true what Cap’n said: “Death never comes late.” If I sink to the bottom, will I find my home? In the dark in the dirt, where I can be all alone I gotta sink down to the bottom to finally find my home It must be down there where the ocean turns to stone I gotta sink down to the bottom to finally find my home It must be down there where the fish fake like stone I don’t know if I can make it My blood is poisoned brown If I loved it now I hate it Last true man in this town If I sink down to the bottom I can finally find my home I wouldn’t ask for your help - I can get there on my own (Death never comes late…) I can hear him calling I can hear him calling He’s saying, he’s saying “I’ll be there soon”
Goldmelter 06:56
Time stops at night and God is listening To every thought that stumbles drunk around my brain Did he put them there? Is he aware how little I care? Time stops at night the bottle’s whispering: “Fuck the world” - they’re the only words I need Did he put them there? Is he aware that fuck’s in my stare? And now my heart It burns like coal Your’s melts like gold Mine burns like coal And I don’t want you anymore Because my heart It burns like coal Your’s melts like gold
Cold Moves 04:22
The cold moves The moldy grooves Come closer Colder The black cloud The tacky sound It speaks now It speaks loud And the man with the crazy gaze Loomin' over my bed in a foggy haze He strikes down It’s a sick and deadly sound And the sweat cools my flaming bed Where the match met the hair on my balding head Burns straight to my brain Burns straight to my brain and I can't see Fogged ice breath Tastes like death Goes straight to my brain Drains down through my boiled veins The numbers fly Sigh goodbye Told so many lies I'll take to my grave and I can't begin to Remember Magical Summers past In the waves When he told me Gasping for air Glistening, wet "Don't forget. Don't forget the magic and the beauty"


This is the final Magical Beautiful album. Thank you to all whom have helped and supported us since 2006. Dedicated to the musicians of Chicago, IL and the memory of Ray Ellingsen.


released June 29, 2015

Recorded in Chicago, IL between 2012-2015 at Shape Shoppe, Minbal, Hear A New World and Nick's basement. Produced by Tyson Thurston and Nick Broste for I Hear A New World. Engineered and mixed by Nick Broste. Additional engineering and mixing by Tyson Thurston. Cover art by Lyra Hill. Mastered by Peter Andreadis for All City Mastering. All songs written by Tyson Thurston.

Magical Beautiful:
Nick Broste - organs, trombone, backing voice
Tyson Thurston - voice, guitars, synthesizers, programming, samples
Charles Vinz - bass guitar, backing voice, guitar
Alance Ward - drum set and percussion

Hawley Shoffner sings on tracks 3, 6, 7


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I Hear A New World Los Angeles, California

The music of Tyson Thurston & co. Established 2006 in Chicago, IL, USA; relocated to Los Angeles, CA, USA; 2017. Film music, solo compositions, Magical Beautiful, Night Terror, Ga'an, Gaspra, Axis:Sova, etc.

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